Credits and Appreciation

Inspiration for the design of the map and the website goes to the Native Land Digital project and Borderlands Archives Cartography. A special thanks to REU for the opportunity to collaborate with the Physics and Engineering Department to make this happen. This database will be an accessable resource for education of Latinx treaties and culture exploring Latinx literature, authors, and publishing houses.

A special thanks to Dr. Yiyan Li of Fort Lewis College's Physics and Engineering department for collaborating with the Gender and Sexualities department for this project. This website was created by Cheyenne Tucson as a project supported by the REU and OER grants. Cheyenne is currently pursuing a computer engineering degree at the Department of Physics and Engineering, Fort Lewis College. She started working at Dr. Yiyan Li's lab in the summer of 2020. The projects she is working on include analog/digital circuit design, robotics, and embedded systems. During the completion of this website, she exercised deep-learning skills to compose this web site using HTML, with a little JavaScript, and CSS.